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Frequently Asked Questions

The technology of today’s pool and spa equipment includes automated pool cleaners, filtration systems, heaters and even chemical treatment and testing. All can be programmed and put on timers. You will spend much more time enjoying your pool than you ever will maintaining it.

The pool installation process can be messy, but we know how to minimize any disruptions to your property. We also work very quickly. We promise to surprise you with how fast we can transform your backyard into a private oasis. We won’t be leaving until your pool installation and any other features are completely finished and clean up is complete.

We don’t provide regular pool care services, but we can refer you to some very fine pool maintenance companies. Of course, we do take care of any type of pool and equipment repair.

A pool liner is made out of vinyl. A composite is a liner made out of fiberglass. Composite liners generally last much longer than vinyl liners but are also more expensive. Call one of our experts who can help you decide which choice is right for you.

That depends on a number of factors – pool size, pool type, whether you use a heater, and others. Everyone is concerned with extra expenses. We provide top of the line equipment that is the most energy efficient. Call us to discuss your needs. We’ll give you an idea of your ongoing costs.

It depends on the type of pool you have and what equipment you use. Call us and we’ll help you figure out what to do. We also offer two free workshops every year – one on preparing your pool for winter and the other on getting it ready for the pool season. Subscribe to our blog or email list and we’ll let you know when and where the workshops take place.

Definitely! We install all kinds of decks, fountains, waterfalls and decorative rocks. We even design and build gazebos and screen enclosures.

Yes we do. We work with the best landscapers in the county.

We love salt water pools! They have so many health benefits. They are more popular than chlorine pools right now. Using salt chlorine also makes them easier to maintain. Salt water resists algae and doesn’t require monitoring chlorine levels daily, or adding chlorine or “shocking” the pool water as often. We have salt water systems for both inground pools.

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