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Broaden your understanding of your pool or spa equipment by making it more efficient, convenient, and productive with upgraded pool equipment.Pool & Spa Equipment Upgrades

Energy-Effective Variable Speed Pumps: With these energy-efficient variable speed pumps, you're not just saving on energy bills; you're making a difference. By adjusting the flow rate to match your pool's needs, these pumps significantly outperform traditional single-speed pumps, leading to substantial energy savings. And the best part? You're also promoting eco-friendliness, reducing your carbon footprint one pool dip at a time.

Hi-Flow Sand Filters: Our High-flow sand filters will keep your swimming pool sparkling clean. These filters are built to trap the tiniest particles, thus ensuring no dirt is left floating around in the water, making it unhealthy for anyone wanting to dip. Since they require less maintenance work from you, more hours will be spent having fun inside or outside of your pool instead of worrying about how often I should clean my pool.

Equipment Access from Personal Device: Control aspects of your swimming pool or spa right within reach! You can now control and manage everything remotely using the latest systems, that allow you to access the equipment through personal devices like phones or tablets. Whether at home or away from home, whether asleep or awake – make sure everything works well together (settings). This is achieved by setting up timers for turning lights ON when dark falls, or monitor performance.

Griffin Pools & Spas offers state-of-the-art technology in the swimming pool or spa construction industry. We can upgrade your equipment, thus saving both time and money for customers who wish to improve their pool or spa facilities. Call us today!

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